Thursday, February 12, 2009

LCCT KLIA to Coolangatta then Christchurch

It has been a long couple of days. But the trip was uneventful. I found that LCCT, even KLIA is built at a faraway place location wise. Far from anywhere to the point of inconvenience.
KLIA should be enough to serve all airline travellers, budget airline or not. The airport company shouldnt charge airlines a single sen if they want to attract airlines to land in KLIA. Let the money needed for upkeep and maintenance be derived from airport tax to passengers and Govt (eventually Malaysian public). Then there shouldnt be any need to build another terminal, the so called LCCT.
As for another airport, the so called KLIA-Labu, there is absolutely no need for it. A complete waste of money proposal.

Airport should be built cheap, like LCCT, so the final cost to the travellers will be minimal, not at a whopping RM9billion as was KLIA. Apparently there wasnt enough airlines landing at KLIA, a fact aggravated by its huge original cost, which the Govt and cronies has to recoup.

True that facilities at LCCT is minimal, even the surau is small. Which tells me there is no need to build it in the first place. If landing charges at KLIA is cheap, airlines would flock to KLIA, so there wont be any request to build another terminal at the end of the runway.
I found that Air Asia's service is good enough for basic traveller like me. Check in is fast and I dont mind walking to the plane, even in rain (lucky enough it wasnt raining that evening) if that would save money somewhere along the line.

8 hours later, the next morning the plane landed at Coolangatta Airport. As in LCCT, we had to walk to the terminal. Warning, dont bring any banana product, not even kerepek pisang, it will get confiscated.
Yeah I spent that day mucking around at Coolangatta Airport, and walked to the beautiful beach as well as dropped by at Coolangatta Youth Hostel for a cool shower.

Then another flight to Christchurch on Jetstar. Another budget airline. Service is okay, you will arrive on time, plus minus.

Want to save money on the airfare?
Check out AirAsia website and book well ahead, be flexible with the dates. Say even 9-10 or 12 month ahead, why not if the fare is cheap. Especially if its on offer, like FREE FARE etc. Jetstar has connection to Christchurch from Coolangatta.

No connection flight that day?
I stayed one night at Coolangatta Youth Hostel, FREE breakfast of cereals, toast and jams. the rooms was basic, and not far from the beach.
and you can book online from your country...

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