Thursday, February 26, 2009

Apartment in Mekah

here is the facts about the apartment towers.

ABRAJ AL BAIT 7 towers +(2 not announced yet) Connecting together in base، one tower was completed and people live on it but the other towers still under constriction.

see how it looks when it completed
here towers list:

*Safa Tower: 28 floors 240 m
*Marwah Tower: 28 floors 240 m
*Hajar Tower: 35 floors 260 m
*ZamZam Tower: 35 floors 260 m
*Maqam Tower: 45 floors + Helicopter Pad 240 m
*Sarah Tower: 45 floors + Helicopter Pad 240 m
*Hotel Royal tower +60 floors 579m
here Quick facts from the articles:

-The world’s tallest clock tower will be built as part of the project.
-The visistors to Mecca from outside the kingdom are around 6 million a year.
-Abraj Albait is one of the largest construction projects in the World.
-It is considered the largest building in terms of build-up space.
-The project area is about 1.4 million square meters.
- It Consists of 7 conjoined towers.
- Thetotal investments in the projects are SR 6 billion ($ 1.6 billion).
-Two of the towers (Marwah & Safa) are almost complete and the other five are under construction.
-The construction at the site is going on 24 hours.
-In addition to the seven towers, the project also consists of a shopping mall, a museum, Astronomical research and monitoring center, two helicopter pads, medical center, 900 cars parking, 15 bus stops, 33,000 people prayer areas, 385 elevators, 53,000 cubic meter water tanks.
-The height of the hotel tower is 579 m.
-The project will host about 35,000 people when complete.

more pic's & info find in
#UNDER C-Mecca:"Abraj Al Bait",577M.

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