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Story from My Mother XI; Kang Saring

Story from My Mother XI; Kang Saring

Kang Saring, aka Haji Sakuri bin Haji Rukimin died some 2 and a half years ago. I wrote this previous eulogy on the day he passed away. We had good childhood together; he was my cousin and friend to play with. We lived in the same village and our houses are not far from each other.

His death affected so many people around him. My uncles and aunties were still talking about him, even after all these time.

I was accompanying my mother to Makcik Nik at Sawah Sempadan back in late January before Chinese New Year. Makcik Nik still lives at the same place at Block O, Sawah Sempadan, the only difference is that her house is now made of concrete and sit on the ground, not wooden house on stilt. She aged a lot, and grows smaller, and skinnier. (People grow smaller?). Uncle Husin, her husband died many years back, now Odin her adopted son still lives with her, and at 46, still unmarried. Makcik Nik served us coffee in a peculiar copper coffeepot, which she said was bought in Mecca.
“That’s the only thing that’s left, ole ole from Mecca..” she said. Obviously it was her prized possession, and brings back her memories of her Hajj.

Then she started to recount her experiences going to Haj with Kang Saring. She kept referring the late Kang Saring as Aruahnya. Makcik Nik appreciated his help when they were performing Hajj and accompanied her wherever she wanted to go.

My mother told me that after Kang Saring died, my uncle, Haji Rukimin changed a lot. He doesn’t talk unnecessarily, wouldn’t utter a word to anyone, even to friends and relatives. When they visit him at his place, he just acknowledge with his eyes and nodded, and that’s it. Yes he will reply your salam but that’s is the limit.
The last morning before my departure I went to the village coffee shop to buy nasi lemak. Uncle Rukimin was there, he just look at me, acknowledge me with his eyes and said quietly to one of his friends, “Ini anak Aruah Hamzah yang kat NZ tu”. I went to him and kissed his hand, and he didn’t say anything.
The first time my mother noticed that Uncle Rukimin doesn’t utter a word to anyone, she thought that Uncle Rukimin was not happy about something, so she asked Auntie Normah, his wife and she got the explanation.

Kang Saring was their beloved first born son. When he was young, Kang Saring has problem with his heart, apparently he had a hole in his heart. But in his teenage years, he appeared healthy. He even worked like a normal villager. Chicken farming, and worked in the rice field among other things that he did. My mother told me that among Uncle Rukimin’s children, he is the most obedient and helped his parent a lot. If Uncle Rukimin asked him to drive to Banting because one of their relative in Banting had a kenduri kahwin, he would drop whatever he is doing, even when he was working in the rice field, and drive his parent to Banting. Kang Saring would take leave from work if that is what was needed. Uncle Rukimin’s other children would make up some excuses if not convenient, but not Kang Saring.
Kang Saring also makes a point of visiting his older relatives often. My mother told me that he used to visit my parent every Friday, after prayer.
My mother said, “kalau dia pancing haruan tu, kalau dapat tiga, satu dia mesti hantar ke sini.”


mohdmishod said...

From ur writing, it's shows that you are from somewhere Tg Karang. The name mentioned sound like jawa. It's really sound & feels at home since i came from Sg besar. Keep good writing about your mother story

nooryahaya said...

yes, true. thanks for your encouragement.