Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eat your heart out PKR!

Last week I wrote about Pak Lah got married where I point out that Pak Lah is not slow after all. By getting married, he would increase his popularity by a huge amount. After all who is going to say anything about his getting married except congratulation and 'semoga berbahagia'?
Today I read in this report in Malaysiakini that his popularity is soaring!
How brilliant! He doesnt have to lambast opposition, or come up with new manifesto for Barisan or anything like that. By getting married, inadvertently he spread goodwill and get goodwill from all Malaysians in return. I mean all Malaysian, regardless of whether we are in opposition or not.
Now, the rest of bachelor or bachelorette BN MP shall get married, and make a big 'kenduri' while you are at it, unlike Pak Lah. That way the whole lot of you would increased your popularity by huge margin.
Who are the bachelor/ette MP here?

Hey what if the Opposition steal the show? Would someone in the opposition get married please, and make a big kenduri while you are at it.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the people are going to be conned again into giving Pak Lah another big mandate like the one he got in the last GE in March 2004 - should Pak Lah decide to call a snap GE immediately! In this case, THEN THEY SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN AND WHINE ABOUT if Pak Lah decides to cheat them again like he did after the last GE!

In general, the people are like little children who can be bought over with a packet of sweets by some conman. They are also like the idiots who got swindled of their money by bogus Nigerian conmen plying fake US dollar bills to cheat them.

In retrospect, the people get what they deserve for being STUPID, EXTREMELY stupid! They are nowhere compared to the Thais, Indons and Filipinos who vote out corrupt regimes.