Monday, June 18, 2007

That 'the Chinese are not relevant anymore.'

Maka ditanya oleh seseorang, apa pendapat Mat Taib tentang buku May 13 oleh Dr Kua Kia Siong. Yang heboh di besar besarkan di website seperti Malaysiakini.

Panjang lebarlah Tan Sri kita menerangkan bahawa ...di pendekkan..
dahulu Melayu tinggal dikampung, di tepi pantai. tidak berpelajaran.
kita dulu memerlukan orang cina yang lebih pandai. melayu dulu sekolah pondok, belajar setakat belajar sembahyang, puasa etc. manakala cina sekolah tinggi, belajar ke singapura and berkelulusan ber skil.
masa dulu kita memerlukan cina.
sejak 60an dan 70an, kerajaan hantar melayu belajar, sekarang melayu ramai dah pandai.
dah pandai buat macam macam dan bina macam macam.
kita sekarang tak perlu mengharap kepada cina.
kita boleh buat sendiri.
cina sudah tidak relevan.
civil service kita baik dan berprestasi.
maka mereka cuba memperlekehkan itu juga.

Maka mereka cuba memutarbelitkan sejarah. dan kata 13 mei coup de etat.
menyeduk dari kata pegawai british high commission, yang hanya melihat peristiwa pada hari tersebut, bukan mengambil kira perkara perkara dan peristiwa peristiwa yang menuju kepada 13 mei.


Anonymous said...

adalah fakta yg May 13 dimulakan oleh orang melayu. Sebab kenapa di mulakan, banyak pendapat, tapi semua setuju yg melayu memulakannya.

Salah satu sebab yg ramai melayu bersependapat ialah kerana Cina memonopoli ekonomi. Cina tak bunuh, tak curi.Adalah takdir Cina pandai ekonomi, Adalah takdir Yahudi pandai sains, adalah takdir melayu pandai seni. Tapi dalam ajaran Agama Islam, adakah sebab itu dibolehkan untuk berperang dan membunuh org awam ?

Fikirkanlah. Walaupun saya Muslim, saya tak mahu dikatakan masuk melayu, atau ada kaitan dgn bangsa dan adat melayu.

Nick Chan Abdullah.

Anonymous said...

saudara Chan,you lupa,intel pentium core duo,chip terbaru and terpantas di dunia adalah ciptaan dan milik kaum yahudi.Tetapi,laris di jual di dunia.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the piece.
Was this said at the Tun Razak seminar or an interview in a publication?

Anonymous said...

If the Chinese are not relevant anymore, Umno will be the first casualty. Orang besar Umno saja yang kaya, makan di hotel, dreber pandu BMW and Mercedes, holiday di UK, US etc. Without Chineses, PAS will rule this country. Is that what Umno wants or majority of the modern malays want? Modern malays do drink alcohol, gamble ( Magnum , casino etc), womanises ( go to the karaoke or massage centres and see) , so what is relevant in their life? Chineses are survivors and can survive anywhere in the world. Can the same be said of the malays here?

nooryahaya said...

at that point, i slinked off and went home.
read my previous postings of the same day. he was here in Christchurch at a makan makan in his honour. or something like that.
cant we have politics beyond race and skin colour? we are all in this together. we are of the same people for Allah sake.
we should realise by now, that our abilities and talents are not much different.
'Salah satu sebab yg ramai melayu bersependapat ialah kerana Cina memonopoli ekonomi. Cina tak bunuh, tak curi.Adalah takdir Cina pandai ekonomi, Adalah takdir Yahudi pandai sains, adalah takdir melayu pandai seni.'

its all myth. its just talent to be developed and nurtured. anyone can do anything... given time and back up.
its just priorities.

int said...

"Chinese no longer relevant"... maybe another way to look at it is like this: CHINESE ARE NO LONGER A THREAT? (not that I am saying they ever were...)

Today you do not have to look far to find Chinese families with 3 children who have to decide which 2 children they want to send to university, because that's all they can afford. With this reality they still want to justify blatantly racist policies that exclude, alienate, and antagonise about 40% of the country's population?

Once upon a time they could use the argument that we needed these policies to correct an imbalance in socio-economic class which was very apparent along ethnic lines... but today they themselves are claiming that the imbalance is no longer there, yet they want to continue the policies.

And anyway, no need to talk so much about Cina vs Melayu, what about org India? If UMNO's interest was really about correcting socio-economic imbalance a long time ago there would have been ethnic-based preferential treatment for the Indian community as well, but of course we all know that didn't happen, and noone expects it to happen any time soon.

As they say... never ending policy...

If only UMNO had more people like noor yahaya.

kaki.ayam said...

you should have stayed on to see further of what he wanted to say... he is entitle to his opinion, just that he has to be responsible for it...

by the way...i do not know who is mat taib...

is it the muhd. muhd. taib or the ex-information minister?

Anonymous said...

Int seems to say that 2 out of 3 Chinese children would be sent to the Uni. This is in our dreams only. By the way, the sponsorship may not necessary be from the parents. Believe me, many of our childrens studying in the Uni are sponsored by their brothers or sisters, not necessarily elder brother/sisters.
Malaysian Chinese could not be bothered whether they are relevant to the Malays but to our beloved homeland Malaysia. It's just that the Malays are so dependent on the government that they become sensitive and like Mat Taib, who loves to politicise issues. What has Kua Kia Soong's book to do with whether the Chinese in Malaysia is relevant or not to the Malay?

Anonymous said...

mat taib and umno had the mentality as though this country was 'made' by them. Come on , give some respect to God. this land is made by Him and He knew this land needs the chinese, lndians and all the other races to become what it's today.'Manusia merancang, Tuhan yang tentukan'.Or else mat taib may be still fishing for a living. so don't keep thinking as you know all things.lf he is so 'dengki' of the success of the chinese , ask him to ask God why He made them so smart,even though oppressed by the system which mat taib is part of it they can still do well without resorting to steal or kill in the name of a more balance distribution of wealth. Maybe God will tell him without them you won't be driving your new Benz or be here spouting nonsense.lmagine a former minister talking in such a unministeral manner like what happen in the parliment where a minister keeps shouting stupid,stupid..and l wonder if he knows who is stupid anyway

Anonymous said...

Hi i read with interest your article on the visit of Taib to christchurch. Just wondering if you were aware that the invitation specifically stated malays only and non-malays not welcome? :)i have my sources. If this is not politically or racially motivated what else could it be.

nooryahaya said...

yes its true. its by invitations only. just by coincident i was invited coz i know the chairman very well.

Anonymous said...

a bit silly dont you think? surely when we are all away from home we should all be known as malaysians and not by our race. Events and invites like these should not happen at all. To be honest i wasnt really all that pleased. But i guess the mentality just has to change!