Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Condolence to the family of VERONICA TAN MAY LEE

This may interest online readers, especially from Malaysiakini, my condolence to her family.
That is the actual picture on the shore of the lake.

Police name victim of Wanaka Lake car accident
Fri, Jun 2007 6:46a.m.

Police have named the woman who died when her car plunged into Lake Wanaka during yesterday's storm as Veronica Lee May Tan, a 20-year-old from Malaysia.

She had been studying at Otago University.

Police say she died as a result of injuries sustained when the vehicle she was a passenger in left the road and plunged 70 metres down a steep bank and into the lake.

Three of the other occupants, who were also international students, survived and were rescued by two members of the public.


Anonymous said...

it's TAN MAY LEE..
She's my friend..

nooryahaya said...

my condolences and apologies, ni tulis stail mat salleh lah, first name dulu, kendian last name.
yes in malaysia its written surname first, then first name. i only folowed what is written in the paper.

Zoe said...

Right. She's my friend as well. I hope she'll rest in peace now.

And yes... Can you please edit the name? It's VERONICA TAN MAY LEE at least make it to VERONICA, MAY LEE TAN. I'm a student in US as well so I definitely know how western people are confused by our first name and last name. But please, edit it.

Thank you a lot. Appreciate it a lot.

Anonymous said...

i feel sad to heard this news, do anyone have the contacts of her family? may be i can help to claim the body or whatever that we can do for them. pls send email to me if anyone can gv the contacts, thx. my e mail.

tauyik said...

i miss her =(
rest in peace~

maslina said...

Miss u may lee..damn much..
Ur neighbour in kuantan,malaysia