Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kedutaan Besar Malaysia in Malaysiakini

I saw this letter in Malaysiakini. This fella complain that there is no Bahasa Malaysia on this pic.
Well its Jawi Script, it read 'Kedutaan Besar Malaysia'
and 'Embassy of Malaysia'
Its not Arabic, if you ask an Arab to read it, he/she wouldnt understand it, because its not Arabic word.
M’sian embassy signage: Why not Bahasa Malaysia too?
Tzuo Hann Law
Jun 5, 07 3:13pm Adjust font size:

This letter is pertaining to the signage in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC, US.

In school, I learned Bahasa Malaysia was the national language and was told it would unify the country as a communication medium.

Therefore, I was very, very disappointed to see that even the national language is not used by the Malaysian Embassy and instead that another language that I was not taught back in school is being used. I wasn't aware that this language superceded our national language in importance.

Arabic is a great language but its not the national language. Why is it on the sign? What is going on? Dear Ambassador, please do something about it.


kaki.ayam said...

my goodness, is that ur interpretation? then i might as well use chinese to spell the word then? the chinese too will not know the meaning of the word as it is in BAHASA what say you?

would you complain, since it is still in BAHASA MALAYSIA?

you have a damn close mind

Anonymous said...

kaki ayam,

NoorYahaya is right. It may be written in Jawi (not Rumi) but it is without doubt Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia.

And one can't use 'Chinese' to write BM. Sanskrit is perhaps an exception.

Scripts and language are two separate things.


tzuohann said...

First, I must admit my ignorance with confusing Arabic and Jawi as a script but I don't think it changes my point. Its not incorrect to say Jawi is adapted Arabic for writing in Malay. And, it doesn't change it that a non Muslim Malaysian could go through the national school system understanding Malay inside out and use it every day of his life and being in every sense a Malaysian and still look at that sign and wonder what the hell it says. The sign is just trying to proof a point that doesn't need any more prooving. We are a Muslim country, but we don't need to sacrifice practicality just to show we are a Muslim country. There are many other ways to show it. If it was a third language, thats fine, like Latin being the language of the Romans which the US Gov is based on being on bank notes and emblems in the States. But Jawi REPLACING Bahasa Malaysia... thats just retarded.

Anonymous said...

Why not Kawi- Javanese is far more elegant than the rude, crude Malay