Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Workers picketing about Minimum Wage

Saw this report on Malaysiakini.
the link is here.

Here is the MTUC memorandum as given to PM.
Congratulation to Syed Shahir and G. Rajasekaran on your leadership!

10 days ago, while attending a makan hosted by Tan Sri Muhammad, in his speech, he said that 'Govt servant are happy getting salary rise, and soon private sector would also get wage rise'.

I got the gist that on the Govt side, they support MTUC asking for wage rise, and setting minimum wage of RM900. Well , maybe the quantum is subject to argument and debate, but wage rise is inevitable and just.
MTUC just have to make a case for it. Picket, memo, gathering and demo. Then Govt will 'reluctantly' yeild to MTUC's demand.
Thats politics. Govt dont want to be seen as a walkover.
Fong is also reported as 'willing to review'.

My view is;
MTUC will get what they want, Minimum Wage set at a rate a bit below what they asked. maybe RM800 a month. Maybe less, RM750. They just have to make a case, hold gatherings and show Govt that in this PRU year, Govt cannot afford to alienate the workers.
With the Opposition especially PKR is in such a mess (I mean what a mess!) and cannot seize this issue for whatever reason, PM Abdullah and BN team would be silly to let this fall out of their grasp!

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