Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have seen many protests...

Living in a Western country, I have seen many protests. At worse they are noisy, and they could be a nuisance outside your property if you are the target.

Protest and pickets are part and parcel of Western democracy. Their purpose is to highlight issues.

Workers usually set up picket lines and protest outside factory gates to protest low wages or unfair working conditions.

So what is wrong with people protesting issues that close to their heart?

If thousands of Malaysians march to Istana Negara to hand in petition for better, fair and just election, so be it. They are highlighting issues that is close to our heart.

Why is it that Abdullah Badawi Govt do not tolerate dissent and protest? See this report in Malaysiakini which is rather pathetic in my opinion.

This gives the image that our country, our people are autocratic types. We dont work on consensus, we drown dissenting voice.

If the Cabinet is full of yes-man, and the country is ruled dictatorial style, do you think foreign investors would want to invest in Malaysia?

Believe me, any sign of rigid dictatorial governing style would be enough for foreign money to start flowing out.

Look at Zimbabwe, doesnt Robert Mugabe always won the elections? Technically, Mugabe is elected, hence Zimbabwe is a democracy..BUT..

Read this report in The Star, why is it illegal for people to gather in the first place? Isnt that law remind you of a country behind the 'Iron Curtain'?

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