Friday, November 30, 2007

My Letter to PM in letter section in Malaysiakini

Just emailed to Malaysiakini yesterday, I gave different title, it has been edited and any reference to Musharraf's Pakistan has been removed.
I suppose its a bit too rough edged to compare Malaysia to Musharraf's Pakistan.

Shall reproduce it here?

Here we go.

Hindraf lawsuit makes no sense but...
Noor Hamzah
Nov 29, 07 5:27pm Adjust font size:

Dear Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi,

A day after the Hindraf rally, newspapers all over the world splashed pictures of a group of Malaysian “demonstrators” being sprayed by police water canons. I read it with concern that Malaysian authorities are coming down hard on innocent people whose only guilt was being Indian, walking in groups and chanting words that might not have been pleasant to our ears.

If this group only wanted to hand in their “papers” to British High Commission on a Sunday, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Freedom of speech and assembly is a fundamental component to democracy. If your government will not allow our people to exercise their rights then the people will not have an avenue to voice their concerns and highlight issues.

Worse still, you silence them because they are not represented in Parliament. Democracy is about the representation of the majority and if the minority is not represented, other avenues to voice their needs and rights must be established. In Western democracies, the mainstream media are normally free and fair and these can be the avenue for minorities.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia your ruling parties and cliques has a stranglehold on the mainstream media with strict instructions to only disseminate government propaganda. Your government has also controlled entries into the media industry via licencing and draconian laws such as the Printing Presses and Publications Act and the Sedition Act. These days savvy Malaysian can turn to online media like Malaysiakini, Harakah Daily as well as enthusiastic bloggers instead of government-controlled media.

Prime Minister, Hindraf may be racist in its make up and serves only the interest of Hindus. But you have to let them voice their concerns and opinions. Suing the Queen of England and the British government for neglecting the Indians in Malaysia may not make sense, particularly when the culprit who marginalised them for the past 50 years is the Malaysian government itself. But we must let them, if we want to boast that Malaysia is a free country.

There has been two huge gatherings this month. None of them intended to be a demonstration. If your government had let them do what they wanted to do - let Bersih hand in its petition to the Agong and allow Hindraf to submit theirs to British High Commission - the current consternation would not have arisen and your ruling coalition would not be under siege.

Prime Minister, it is time to do something before things slide from bad to worse. If I were you, I would announce the election date sooner rather than later. Let Malaysians concentrate their energy in the elections rather than on demonstrations.

Maybe it would be wise if your coalition deliberately loses this election. I believe Malaysians yearn for a change.


Anonymous said...

Would prime minister Abdullah Bodawi take heed of your letter? He said he's well liked by all Malaysians and would continue with his present style of government. Quite an illusion isn't it or is it self-denial?

Anonymous said...

The MIC President being spurned by the Hindraf leaders could only say he was “sad but not angry”. He further claimed that PM Abdullah has “never shut his eyes or ears to their plight - “then what happened to the 18-point Memo that was submitted more than 3 months ago? Shredded and thrown in the waste paper basket?
And for the first time when an MIC MP (Cameron Highlands) opened his mouth to express his concerns on the Indian Plight in the country (that was so glaringly highlighted in the Sunday Rally protester” he was told curtly to resign from the MIC by an UMNO Minister. So what hope is there through legitimate means except by “streets demo” to draw the attention to their plight?
For a read of the Hindraf 18-point Memo
Go H E R E

Anonymous said...

This is a well written letter to PM but it is unfortunate that he may not get to see it with the nature of the people around him, besides if he does, I am very sure that he will utilise his "elegant silence weapon" This is a reason why people are going to the streets to demonstrate.

Dr Firdaus said...

Why do we give HINDRAF the time of the day? They are a terrorist organisation linked to the Tamil Tigers. Arrest them ASAP