Monday, November 19, 2007

Malaysia a Police State.

I read this report in Malaysiakini today that the Yellow shirt campaigners from BERSIH has been harrassed by police in KL, while they were distributing pamphlets.

This mere reaffirm the fact that Malaysia is police state, and dissent is not tolerated.

Is that politically expedient? I mean this doesnt give positive image to Govt of Abdullah Badawi. Then this report in that there has been a police report against blogger Jeff Ooi.

Okay, okay you are free to make a police report against anyone on any matter. Malaysia is supposedly a FREE country. But tarnishing a country image?

If we are sooo concerned about our image, we must learn more how the world see us. And learn what would see us in bad light. An image of police brutality, anti riot police spraying water cannon on running civilian and authorities razing down people's homes is NOT positive at all.

Whatever the reason. Of course you have reasons that justify your actions.

Actually, if the police and Abdullah Badawi's Govt keep this up, sooner or later the rakyat would get fed up. By confronting the BERSIH and the Opposition, rounding them up and harrass them, the police is creating publicity and opening new avenues for BERSIH to complain further.
Sooner or later rakyat will support them.


Sympathy would side with the poor, oppressed and the have not.

If I were Abdullah Badawi, I would do my best to scrap that law that make assembly without permit illegal. And stop police brutality and harrassment.

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First time here. Nice thoughts. Well done and go on.

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