Thursday, August 23, 2007

Culture and Corruption II

Ove 2 years ago, I wrote about Culture and Corruption, how our culture, Malaysian culture that is, could be the main reason that contribute to the corrupt practices in our everyday lives. That article was in Malaysia-today in 2004.

It seems that corruption, palm greasing is our way of life. In the beginning, politicians court our votes to gain power, on the premises of good governance, development and better lives in their constituency. With this power, they in turn being courted by businesspeople for their power and influence to sway development contracts, even jobs.
I give you one example. Back in 77, my sister was married to a man in Tg Karang. Her brother in law was married to the adopted daughter of Datuk Kamaruzzaman Ahmad, the then Ketua UMNO Tg Karang. He didnt have job back then, so this ADUN and EXCO member told his son in law to apply for a job of general worker at Majlis Daerah Tg Karang. So the SIL applied for the job and attend interview as per normal. When he came in for interview, he heard people in the office talking among themselves; 'Is he the one?' and 'Yes' etc.
Of course he got the job.
That Datuk was well known even back then to be corrupt. And he always played the racial card, that the Malays have nothing but their political power. It was well known throughout 70's and 80's that the Malays of Tg Karang overwhelmingly voted for the Opposition, normally PAS. But BN always win with significant majority because of Tg Karang Chinese votes.
Guess who got the jobs building schools, bridges and roads?

See this report in Malaysiakini of another corrupt practice. And here.

Its all the same.....
The Malay politician, Abd Rahman Palil (that sound like Javanese name, and Klang has many of Javanese descent) through his influence and power secured a deal to buy a piece of land, (whether private or State land, who knows) onsell to this entity PKFZ which is subsidiary of Port Klang (Govt company), with the help of Malaysian Chinese developers and businesspeople (see a Wanita MCA there)...
To cut the story short, they all are in cahoot with each other to ROB our country of RM1billion or there about.

And the money goes.. to fund the next election campaign.. with some small change (which may amount to some millions) to Abd Rahman Palil and sekutu..

Welcome to Malaysia.
Good that Dubai people pull out.

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