Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kawanku; by Namewee

Looks like Namewee, is still in trouble. See this report in Malaysiakini.

See his performance, oops listen to it with some translation in Youtube.

In the end section of this Youtube performance, the Bumi bashing section, he said Malays/Bumi, are practically 'tidor'.
Just say, 'Orang Cina balik China lah' or something to that effect. Chinese go back to China.
So what happen to Malaysia if all Chinese gone back to China? Will everything shut down? Because Chinese Malaysian have a stranglehold on the Malaysia economy?

To answer from a Malay point of view, nothing that bad happen. Who said that Chinese have a stranglehold on Malaysian economy? There are thousands of Malays, Indian, Iban, Kadazans ready to step forward and roll up their sleeves. Just give them chance, they will move and take over.

Chinese businesses managed to stranglehold the economy in the past because they manage to buddy up people in the government, and get preference treatment and use alibaba connections to win business.
I know... I was a supermarket buyer years ago.


Hamzah said...

Malay dah control 45% of the economy and UMNO controls even more ... no Chinese in Malaysia, no problem!

Anonymous said...

his point is the UMNOS or ppl like u should stop asking ppl to leave this country if they dun like and thought they will do just fine, if you're ready, why the need of NEP? it or not,the chinese contributed alot to this country...gosh...

Anonymous said...

NoorYahaya , what you have said is an eye opener. It is a testimony that the Chinese are in fact today not in control of the economy.

It is the govt's or rather Umno's lies to continue to impliement the racist NEP to rob Peter to pay Paul.

If the govt is sincere, it should implement a Malaysia Economic Policy to help all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion and not only Malays mainly and some non Malay bumiputras.

I personally know of doctors and other rich Malays who have children in fully residential schools. The excuse is that their children have good grades. But what is the initial objective of the residential schools?. Is it not to give opportunities to the poorer Malays' children to get a better education?.

Infact today a sizeable number of rich Malays' children are getting funding from the govt but the poorer non Malays are sideline because of their race and creed.

Are you one of those better off Malays still taking advantage of the NEP? . Be honest.

Wuang K said...

And what is the 'issue' here my friend? If namewee has performed a rap to 'air his frustrations' what is the problem? He has his rights... in any case, some of what he has said/sung is true... some of our Malay civil servants are really sleeping on the job, especially the heads of dept. when they should be in the office, they have gone off to visit the VIP, or gone for golf, or teh-tarik, etc.

What has the alibaba situation got to do with what namewee has rapped? Why do you think there is the alibaba situation in the first place? It is because of the stupid NEP as applied by the stupid UMNO govt....

Anonymous said...

ok then malaysia will be a islamic country that are far behind in development without chinese help.did u know how much that we chinese contribute to the goverment on tax. without us the goverment is shit.

nooryahaya said...

dear wuang, its true the heads of dept, main golf all day.. and that is called does my former bosses and ceo at makro and and the store. at these golf courses are when the contracts and deals are made. sorry that not as many malays play golf. wink, wink.
its true that many rich malays kids got scholarship for higher education when its should go to poor kids. thats is called nepotism.
heck why do we or you keep voting BN?

Wuang K said...

thank U Nooryahaya

my take on this namewee saga is that the govt. and the politicians are playing to the 'gallery' and not really addressing the frustrations of the rakyat...

with regards to voting, I don't vote BN, so now U know...

all the troubles are caused by these 'dogs' who called themselves ministers... look at our 'Education' minister - he can hold his keris and threaten 'bathe it in Chinese blood' but yet no one is crying for him to be sacked or jailed or faced the law as what he has uttered is seditious... what do you say to that?

nooryahaya said...

Two different things there:
Namewee didnt do anything wrong, in his point of view, and in my point of view, only that some poeple feel slighted. If Muslims/Malays feel slighted, Muslims/Malays must realise the facts that most non Muslims would always mock and 'memperlekehkan' their rituals. Mock their perceived economic inferiority/superiority. Only a small number non Muslim do so openly. Muslim must learn to be thick skinned and stop complaining and ignore whatever people says. Be patient and humble. Dont be so sensitive.

I support his apology because there are forces greater than his ego could understand. Of politics, power and of media glare that make life difficult for him and his family. After all his family is not great like the Kuoks or Hishamuddins..
When we are small, we must swallow our pride.

Hishamuddins threat to 'bathe keris in Chinese blood', is a threat, issued by a BIG man. Big man dont swallow pride, not normally. If he does, then there is the mark of a GREAT man. Big man can say things and do thing and get away with it.
So dont expect apology from Hishammuddin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Noor Yahaya,

I'm very happy about what you said in your last comment. i wish there was more malays like you in malaysia, who understands the need to challenege globally, before we end up like zimbabwe.

however, im so sad to see that your location is in New Zealand.
Do come back and help out, the country needs more moderate chaps like you.

by the way. im cantonese, and meng chee said in teo chew "*&^% my mom" but i'm not angry, i was laughing at his creativity. how come no one make a fuss when david letterman, jay leno, conan o'brien makes fun of George Bush and before that bill kelentong?

do come back and help, if you can vote, lets vote for more voices in parliament that can stop this corruption and tak tahu attitude of the present Govt.

God bless!