Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Proof: Govt doesnt care about workers, poor and downtrodden.

50 years after independent, Malaysia is still ruled by the same coalition since before the Independence Day. It was a coalition of conservatives back then, and the party within BN has moves progressively to be more and more conservative. Neocons for short. If this is USA, Republicans would have been rubbing their hands and feets with glee.

Just about every time workers union asking for better working condition and better wages, Govt would invent every excuses under the sun to say 'NO'. A big NO. Meanwhile every May Day, on the Workers Day gathering, the PM would invariably say that workers are the backbone of the country, work hard, bla bla, 'our competitive advantage depends on you workers'.
Read this report in Malaysiakini, there is scant disregard for the welfare of workers. Even though workers make up the majority of the voters in Malaysia.

Why does this happen?
Because workers, trade unions or workers unions does not exercise their block voting power. Basically the workers are fragmented, they dont act as a political power broker. How many workers under the sway of MTUC and its affiliates? 10 millions? If they act as a block political power broker, and tell the Govt of the day, "do this or you lose our support" then the Govt might listen.
And MTUC must prove it too, say this coming election MTUC shall withdraw their support to Govt coalition, and make the Opposition win. Then maybe the Govt of the day would listen to MTUC.

See this report here, its as if MTUC is nothing. They are regarded as nuisance by the Govt. Thats why Govt dont even bat their eyelids for MTUC.

Charles Hector sums it up nicely in his letter, that we have ourselves to blame. We are apathetic,
"The biggest problem with Malaysians has been self-centeredness and fear. Fear of being persecuted if it is known that they voted for the opposition. To this, I would say think about the future of your children and their children (or just other Malaysians) and bravely express your dissatisfaction with the BN government with your vote in the coming election."

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