Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lets call for Human Resources Minister's resignation.

Sound a bit harsh? Not really.
But what can we do when the Minister concerned does not act in the best interest of workers? I am happy that he got an ear clapping from our Parliamentarian yesterday.
After all, who does he represent? Our workers or the rich taiko? We know that workers, as represented by MTUC dont have big clout or deep pocket.
So the BIG question is, who is our Human Resource Minister acting for? If his interest is to keep wages low so that companies will stay competitive, draw fat profits, then he is not acting in the interest of workers. I can safely charge that he is acting for the interest of neocons, capitalists and taikos.

Which bring us to the next question. Is the Prime Minister acting on our behalf, our interest the ordinary Malaysians? Read this in Malaysiakini article.

It says "No nations want to keep wages low BUT.."
Dont read the "No nation want to keep wages low", instead read carefully the essence after the word BUT.
It means our Prime Minister doesnt care how difficult it is for the lowly workers to make a living on RM400 a month as penoreh getah or RM600 a month as machine operator in a factory. All he cares is that the company that invest in the newly established industrial estates make huge profits, which in turn will spur more investment from overseas. Multinational companies would open new factories here, if we dont have enough workers, let open up our country to foreign workers from neighbouring countries.
Companies needing land for factories, so our powerful UMNO people could lobby State EXCO to convert agricultural land and hutan simpan to industrial purposes. UMNO people would buy the agricultural land at cheap prices and resell at premium as industrial land.
Remember PKFZ?
Then foreign workers agency would reap more profits bringing in foreign workers to work in the newly built factories.

Money to be made evrywhere, why bother fighting for the lost cause.. our local workers.

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