Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Namewee, Negaraku, Negarakuku, Terang bulan and Memula Moon

Poor Namewee must be pissing in his pants now that his rap creation has blown out of proportion...
It was reported on Malaysiakini that his father was called to Muar? police station to give statement, and his father said that the police advised him to tell Namewee to apologize in all languages, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil etc.
I would say that the police were right in advising Namewee to apologize. Some people take it as insulting that Namewee sing Negaraku mixed in rap form.
Mind you I dont understand the Mandarin part.
To be honest, he is not the only one in the past 50 years singing Negaraku in different tempo and form, doing mix and match.
When I was in high school, at TIKL, some of us played guitar and sang Negaraku in faster tempo, rock to be exact. The guru disiplin, Cikgu Baharom (if I am not mistaken)heard it and punished us by sending us to work class, doing work cleaning school after class in the afternoon.
We kids thought nothing of it, a more upbeat Negaraku would make us more active and positive. So we thought.
I reckon Namewee should just apologize. There are people who feel being slighted by his song. And these people may cause him no end of trouble.

Watch him on Youtube here.

In America, major TV media advertise a WARNING during prime time, advising people, youngster, well just everybody that the internet/online media is not like notice board in the kitchen or staffroom. If you put up anything on online media, you simply cannot take it back, err, like on the notice board.
No matter how hard you try to take it back, ask and beg people to take down your posting, it would keep propping up.

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