Monday, August 27, 2007

No Signage, just a quiet sanctuary

Since the past Ramadan, a year ago, I have been to this musalla for Friday prayer more often than Deans Avenue Mosque. Every Friday the khatib is almost always Br Farid, the homeopathy doctor on wheelchair. His sermon is simple, and touch the basics. Not too complicated. Thats why I like going for Friday prayer there. Maybe because I am such a simple person and still cant get to grip beyond the basics. Being on wheelchair, Br Farid cant lead the prayer, so normally Br Ishak lead the Friday prayer.

Another thing I like is that its not too crowded for Friday prayer. Plenty of empty spaces. Everyone is tolerated, people dont scold you if leave some part of your aurat uncovered if you are a woman (hair, wearing jeans etc. Some of the ladies even chat at the back during sermon.
What can we do, people are at different stages of their understanding on Islam. And we should not tell or remind our fellow Muslim in public in a way that would embarass them. If we still cant figure out how to tell our friend this and that, well let it pass, for the time being, until we can figure out how, in a nice way.

One time I even see 3 Shiah followers joining Friday prayer. How do I know they were Shiah? They have this stone in their pocket, which they put down on the ground, in place where your forehead touch the ground, when doing prayer. Or if a Shiah dont bring along this stone, ie dont have one, he will put a piece of cloth, e.g. hankerchief on the ground.
I havent seen a Shiah at the Deans Ave Mosque for years. Shiah followers are not welcome there. The last time a Shiah joined Friday prayer regularly at Deans Ave Mosque was Br Mohsin back in 80's.


Anonymous said...



As long as we knowing, walking and maintaining the truth path of Islam, we will be occay :D

I am looking forward to contact Bro Ishak from CIC. Would appreciate if you can forward me his email address or phone number.

I caught myself in drafting research and site visit on organic product there so your help is highly appreciated.


Nas, Johore

nooryahaya said...

waalaikum salam, you can email me at and i shall forward yours to Br Ishak.