Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bila Bumi Tak Terima, When The Earth Doesnt Want You.

Two years ago I wrote about ariel sharon (still, I dont want to write his initial in capital letters) who fall into coma. Surprise, he is still in coma. Judging by his age, he is reaching the end of his life.

Everyone will die at the end. But what if the Earth doesnt want you? ariel sharon is a Jew, and a Jew believes in God. In Quran, Jews and Christians are the people of the Book. And as people of the Book, they have rules in good conduct and behaviour just like a Muslim. Massacres, killings, rape and plunders are not excusable in any faith. And the wrath of Allah await such people in this world as well as the Hereafter.

For the nonbelievers, they might get away with such crimes in this world if the nation's law enforcement is a bit lax. Yes, ariel sharon almost got away with massacres of Palestinians.But look at him now. When his body give up, he still couldnt die. What if he stay in coma like that for another 50 years? Surely this is a sign from Allah that His punishment to people who transgress is immediate and severe.

Let me remind myself, that Allah's punishment is heavy and severe.

When I was young, my parents told me a story of a man who misuse the money/wealth/lands that belongs to orphans. The orphan/s could be his stepchildren, sibling, nieces or nephews.

When the man died, the people of the village dig his grave as usual, with extra width for his 'liang lahat' hole. But when they lowered his body to fit in, it doesnt fit.

So the villagers pull out the body and dig more to make the grave bigger and wider. And they lowered the body again to fit in.
Still it doesnt fit.

After a few tries, they got tired of it, so they just ram the body into the grave by pushing and jumping on the casket.

As if the Earth doesnt want that dead man.

It is sad that these days, there are people who are in the position of trust in the country, guarding the wealth of the nation and yet misuse their position to enrich themselves, their families and friends. And worse commit crimes unimaginable and unforgiveable to his fellow countrymen, like extra judicial killings and forcibly acquiring lands that belongs to the people.

I read more and more of these kind reports coming up in Malaysiakini, of people who misuse public funds and forcibly acquired people's lands.

In the village, if a man or a woman is dying/nazak, everyone in the village would come visiting and pray that he or she would die peacefully. Anyone who is wronged or done wrong would seek forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

I think you better face up to the reality of what's happening in the middle east. The palestinians would be free to go about their business if they weren't bombing Israel constantly and murdering Israeli's.

If you own a house and go away for a long time does that mean that it isn't your home anymore. The Israeli's own that land and the proof is the reamins of their temple.

nooryahaya said...

So in your opinion, Ariel Sharon can murder, kill, rape and kick out Palestinians from their homeland. And yet you expect Palestinians to turn the other cheek? Who said that the Jews cannot live in PAlestine? Before 1948 war, there were Jews in Palestine.