Thursday, January 03, 2008

Minister Resigned over DVD Sex Scandal; Are Malaysians Perverted Lot?

The resignation of Minister Chua Soi Lek over DVD sec scandal made headline all over the world. Interesting enough that splashed it on the front page.
So does the main website for Faifax group of newspapers.

It has been in Malaysiakini since New Years day. The link here.

The BIG question is, why is it someone sex antics and bedroom business generate public interest?

What is worse is that the pervert (yes, a strong word) deliberately filmed this in a hotel, then distribute the copies to all and sundry in town. This is nothing less than political assasination. What is amazing is that people watched these DVDs and feel right to publish in the news media.
How embarassing, we are a country of perverts, we enjoy watching someone's bedroom business. Dont we respect peoples privacy?

As in my previous posting, I still maintain that we should respect Minister Chus Soi Lek's private life. A letter in Malaysiakini also agreed with me in this issue. Please dont use Muslim yardstick on non Muslim.
Islam does FORBID perverted behaviour like this. What people do in the privacy of their homes or hotel room is their own business. I would like to know which hotel does this things happen, for the mhotel is also at fault for allowing snooping to take place.

Are we becoming a nation of 'skodeng'?

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