Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Encik Naimun of years ago

I used to knew him as Encik Naimun years ago, back in 83 in Wellington. He was a staff member in Malaysian High Commission, I didnt really remember his role back then.

Last time I read about him, he was working in the Gulf as Ambassador.

Honestly, I do not recognise his picture, he doesnt look like that years ago.

Now in Spain.

Spain had better think twice
YSM | Jan 15, 08 3:21pm
Oh dear! It was reported that Malaysian ambassador to Spain, Naimun Ashakli Mohammad, had said that the Spanish government has cited Malaysia as a ‘successful Muslim country’ which practised ‘a democratic process’ that could be emulated by others.

Is this the same ‘democratic’ country where the body of a Hindu widow’s husband was snatched so that he could have a Muslim burial?

Is this also the ‘successful country which 'kidnapped' a housewife and her children so that she could be rehabilitated?

The same country which prevents its non-Muslim citizens from using the word ‘Allah’?

The same ‘democratic process’ which has seen only one single political party in power for the last 50 years?

The same country which has a questionable judiciary?

Pak Lah wants to share the ‘success’ of ethnic relationships in Malaysia it seems. This I would presume involves gag orders, and Internal Security Act (detention without trial) and various forms of oppression. Never mind that these methods have led to street protests and arrests in Malaysia.

Sharing our methods will not do the world any good. I would not wish them upon even our enemies.

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