Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sibu, Sarawak

Sibu, Sarawak arrived on "nooryahaya....ramblin on"

this picture was from 1979 form 3 at SDH

No I have never been to Sarawak.
Maybe one day soon. I would love to meet Bujang Senang, and learn a thing or two from him. Someone, Suzana, I think, told me that he is dead, back in the nineties.

Now about Sibu.
When I was in Form Two at Sek Men Dato Harun, Tanjong Karang. My Best friend was a classmate from Sibu Sarawak. His name is Chen Fei Ming. He was intelligent and hardworking by kampong standard back then. We were also in the same class in Form 3. Most of the time we egg on each other to work hard and achieve.

Some weekend we went outing together. Places like Pantai Batu 12 Sungai Burong, Tanjong Karang. One Saturday we got on the bus to Bukit Melawati Kuala Selangor.

I remember that when we were cycling in kampong towards Sungai Burong, we passed some kids bathing in the 'parit' who commented that 'apalah kau kawan dengan Cina'. Fei Ming said that one thing he doesnt like in Semenanjung is that people here are racist. Nothing like that in Sarawak.

I remember he told me that his father owns a shop in Sibu, a river town. He visits his family during the long school holidays.

One funny thing happen. We were getting on the bus to Kuala Selangor, the conductor ask us how old we were, we said 13, when we were 14 at that time. The Chinaman bus conductor said to Chen Fei Ming, no you are big, so you pay adult price, while the bus conductor let me off on child price.

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Anonymous said...

I do agree that people from the west tend to be more racist and stick to their own race, compared to east Malaysians. This is just my opinion though and prehaps im stereotyping west malaysians. Prehaps this has something to do with the May 13th incidents which happened quite prominently in the west but not in the east. Im from Sabah myself.