Thursday, January 03, 2008

Race to the Bottom; Malaysia Must Improve Workers Benefit.

Interesting news that China has improve their workers working conditions and implement minimum wage laws.
Read it here.
Now China is not so cheap anymore, some companies are relocating to Vietnam.
And at this rate, Malaysia is still among the few countries in the world that doesnt have minimum wage laws. Soon these low cost cheap labour operations companies would relocate to Malaysia.

More jobs to Malaysians would you say?

More likely more jobs for foreign workers in Malaysia. The Govt reluctance to stop the inflow of foreign workers would see to that. A policy that doesnt make sense.

We are enriching the privileged few while leaving the workers subsist on low wages, creating general discontent poverty and social problem.

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Poliklinik Salehudin said...

currently about two million of foreign worker in Malaysia.thanks to the government policy to simplify the intake procedure to the foreign workers.Companies usually give pay at range of rm 400 to rm 500 to foreign worker which is tak cukup makan for the local.So end up the local won't take job, because with that amount of pay, no money to pay the utility bills.