Monday, January 28, 2008

New Zealand Holidays

First of all, I would like to 'thank you' Malaysiakini for promoting New Zealand holidays. I could have help them promote New Zealand better by submitting better and more scenic pictures than those photos on their website, of former CJ and Datuk Lingam.

There is nothing scenic at all about those photos, only photos of CJ and his family and Lingam and his family. The photos also look old, got brownish tinge. Definitely would attract tourists to New Zealand.

I do not know since when airline ticket become the big part of tourist promotion.

On the subject of CJ and Lingam's holiday to New Zealand, I do not see anything wrong with two families going away on a holiday together. Having friends coming along to a destination far away would make life a bit easier. You wouldnt feel lonely, easily get lost and you have friends to bounce of ideas and do things together. People do this kind of thing all the time.

If a CJ is barred from making friends, what about their children? Are they barred from making friends too lest that would cloud CJ's judgement?

Oh come on, dont insinuate that the CJ couldnt afford to go on a holiday, that Lingam paid for that holiday. Dont even think about it.

I fear that this will create precedent into the office of CJ. Cant go on a holiday with friends, cannot take photos with friends and cannot make friend with lawyers. How lonely would that be for CJ and his family.


Anonymous said...

1984 while on a day transit in Amman I found myself sharing a room with a stranger, a S'pore Malay.We ended up sharing a Taxi to take tour to visit the Dead Sea. Great unplanned outing. But I was all ALONE!

With a family of 4 on a vaction in NZ for more than a week, you bet all the cities & places of visit are well planned before hand. It is hard to think such family would want to be intruded by another family over the whole vacation!(Go ask the wives & their children) This does not happen all the time, in fact it is very unusual!The only logical reason is the 2 families are VERY close!

When questioned, Eusof claimed Lingam wanted to tag along with him.
When Lingam was questioned, he said it was Eusof who wanted to tag along.

When you throw out that kind of explanation, you can't expect people not to suspect something fishy is going on.

We may still escape the judgement of man but we will not pass the judgement of GOD!

nooryahaya said...

dear anon,
for argument sake...I believe its okay for CJ to make friends with anyone. with me, with you, with the jaga at the court house or with Lingam!
a for them claimed that the other tag along..i believe there is an unwritten rule which say that the office of CJ is remove from the masses, dont mix around with people, i think former CJ now Sultan Azlan Shah said this. so naturally they are careful what they said and being too careful said the wrong thing.