Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dear PM, Its Time to Exit Gracefully II

Keeping abreast with Malaysian news is full time work these days. New development just come up every hour.

In my previous posting, likened PM Abdullah situation to a king on the chess board. His poor showing this election prompted certain quarters to call for his resignation. Those few leaders from MCA, MIC, Gerakan has already lost the election or refuse cabinet positions.

Well, at least they still have face leaving the national political scene. Except of course Samy Vellu, who can see his predicament since last November, but still go ahead contesting. He deserved to lose, and lose face.


But his pawns are already falling one by one.

Take Shahidan Kassim for example. He got recommendation from PM Abdullah, BUT Raja Perlis doesnt want him. Now he make the mistake of calling for showdown with Raja Perlis and ADUN.

What if Perlis ADUN call his bluff and get out of BN?

Reports says that Sultan Terengganu is going to snub PM Abdullah's choice for Menteri Besar.

Yes another pawn...

I cant wait to see the CHECKMATE.

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