Sunday, March 09, 2008

Engkaukah Itu Hishamuddin Hussein?

A Chinese friend of mine used to work at a resort in Langkawi. He was F& B Manager there. You know the one that cost RM500-2000 per night, depending whether a room or villa suite. In the 1999 Malaysian election, when BN was almost losing, the former PM Mahathir hold long late night session meeting at the resort.

This friend had to stay late to serve and take care these VVIPs. He always maintained that BN will always win come what may. There are tactics and extra bag undi that can be deployed at last minutes.
For example, Najib could have lost that 1999 election, if not for the extra undi that Mahathir have in reserve. Whether this is truth or not, only Allah knows.

Ahh, congratulation to Hishamuddin Hussein for winning the seat in Parliament. This Chinese friend said that Hisham used to arrive the resort on a big Harley Davidson.
"He is a cool guy" he said.
"'Come on man, let your staff do the work, lets have cigar.' Hisham said. So aku borak dengan Hisham lah"
The VVIP used to charter boat and have their meeting on the boat.

Yesterday I was surfing and found this blogpage that has Hisham's picture.


Must be a good drink he is drinking. I remember a brand of drink that look like that!

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