Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teganu oh Teganu II

The only time I have been to Terengganu was back in the early 95. Even then it was only to that small town or kampung at the Pahang border, and I walked from that Impiana Resort on my own. I didnt pay much for that holiday at Impiana, I got the 3 nights there almost free.
How do I got it so cheap? Well, back at the end of 94, the place where I used to work, Makro Shah Alam had annual dinner. I won 3 nights at Impiana Resort in the cabutan bertuah.
So one weekend we took buses from KL to Kuantan, then another bus to Terengganu which dropped us off at Impiana. We always wanted to see Kampung Cherating, so we hired bikes from the hotel, and bike to Cherating, some miles away from Impiana. Cherating was tourist village even back then, with motels and restaurants and discos.

Now back to Teganu II.
Only ysterday I wrote this piece suggesting Ahmad Said join PAS or PAS bury hatchet with him and support him to form Terengganu Govt. We cant let this impasse gone too long, not good for Terengganu.

How 24 hours is a long time in politics. How surprised I am to read the news that now PAS support the palace appointed Menteri Besar.
Good on PAS. It shows that PAS is very good, the welfare of rakyat Terengganu is utmost important to PAS Terengganu than letting PM Abdullah and Idris Jusoh's UMNO squabble for oil royalty.

Also read this letter in Malaysiakini outlining that Sultan Terengganu has the ultimate power in appointing Menteri Besar, and not PM Abdullah Badawi.

Simply said, PM Abdullah Badawi doesnt have the constitutional power to overide the Sultan. This country Malaysia is not a Republic, not like Indonesia or Philippines. Abdullah Badawi IS NOT president of Malaysia.

Even though he said otherwise... in my opinion, this time he has overstepped..

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JenniferLoo said...

My brothers and sisters,

The time has come for us to show the UMNOputras another lesson. The first lesson that we taught them during the PRU12 did not seem to penetrate through their thick skulls. Therefore, let us hurt them where they are most vulnerable: money.

Since the UMNO ass lickers love to boycott and “show solidarity”, let us give them a taste of their medicine by boycotting all UMNO and crony owned businesses. Let us drive a stake through their unruly hearts.

I am now compiling a list of companies owned by these fear-mongers and their cronies. If you have information or knowledge of any companies owned by these corrupted people, please do not hesitate to email me at barisanr@yahoo.com.

Soon, I will publish a list of UMNOputra related companies for action (boycott) to be taken against them. Jom boikot!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!