Monday, March 24, 2008

Teganu oh Teganu, Why Dont Ahmad Said Join PAS or...

Pucuk Pimpinan UMNO Terengganu telah menderhaka kepada Tuanku Sultan, itu lah ringkasan yang dapat saya fahami. Maaf kalau fahaman saya itu salah.

The news says that Istana Terengganu appoints Ahmad Said as Menteri Besar, but PM Abdullah Badawi appoints Idris Jusoh. Read the news here in Malayiakini. And HERE. Also HERE in Malaysia-today.

So Ahmad Said has been kicked out of UMNO because he defied PM Abdullah Badawi. Kudos to Ahmad Said, you are my HERO. You know where your loyalty shoulld lie, to the Sultan, first and your country, as written in the Rukunegara. As long as the "titah perintah Tuanku" is not against Allah's laws and commandments. Absolutely not to the Prime Minister, Tuanku Sultan takes precedent.

Now that Ahmad Said is the Sultan appointed Menteri Besar, without support from his UMNO colleagues.

I can see one solution to this problem, and it depends on PAS Terengganu. As we know, BN Terengganu wins by a simple majority, the difference to PAS held seats is only 2.

Ahmad Said could simply join PAS, and then could get enough number to govern. Or PAS Terengganu simply could bury their hatchet and make an understanding to support Ahmad Said and they, ie PAS Terengganu and Ahmad Said, could form the new Terengganu Govt.

Here I call on PAS Terengganu to do the right thing, simply invite Ahmad Said to join PAS or if Ahmad Said doesnt want to join PAS, support him to form the new Terengganu Government.

For the sake of Terengganu. If Ahmad Said is a decent person that is...

As for this report in this blog about Ahmad Said's wrong doing, well is it true? If that is true, why Kemaman folk still voted him in the last PRU12?

Dont tell me that he bought their votes with kain batik and keropok lekor..


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Zanie said...

No, BN didn't win with a simple majority.In fact, they won big! Out of 32 seats they won 24 seats and PAS only 8. But that's not the point here. The main issue here is UMNO doesn't respect the sultan. They literally become traitors. This is not a Malay behaviour. This become the act of greed and lust for power.I for one, as a rakyat couldn't bear it any longer. Our sultan is not only the king of our own state but the king of the whole country as well. Don't they know that? Why "menderhaka"?