Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dear PM, Its Time To Exit Gracefully

LAst Year in November, just after the Bersih and Hindraf demonstrations, I wrote this article calling for PM Abdullah Badawi to call the election.

Now I would also join Mukhriz Mahathir and others calling for PM Abdullah to resign, or at least make announcement that he will resign in the future, say a few months time. Want to read the full report from BERNAMA? Read it here.

Rocky's Bru has this copy of Mukhriz letter to PM.

A GRACEFUL EXIT - in another words.

In Asian societies, face (air muka) is important. True that Mukhriz shouldnt have called for PM Abdullah's resignation yet, not before he sent a letter to ask for PM announcing his resignation in a few months time. Six month max.

That way PM Abdullah would still have some face left.

But now that its all in the open, PM Abdullah's best choice is to announce his leaving in the near future.
Its kinda CHECKMATE, if you play CHESS.

True he could have resign straightaway after the election and still have his face intact, just like MCA and Gerakan leaders.

This way, he can still set up the cabinet the way he want, and placing his people, (Khairy?) in cabinet and make difficult for his successor to undo.

my 2 sen worth

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