Saturday, March 22, 2008

Heads Rolled, PM Still Standing..IV

In my previous posting, I mention that if Opposition BR Parliamentarians want to get rid of PM Abdullah, they could start a 'no confidence vote'. How politics changed the situation in a few days. That some BN parliamentarians are ready to switch sides. PM Abdullah's Govt is getting more precarious by the day.

Report courtesy of Malaysiakini.

In a fully functioning democracy, parliamentarians may belong to some party, but in voting, they dont have to vote according to what their party want. That is valid on any issue and on any piece of legislation. After all, they are the lawmakers. They should serve only their constituents, not their party or their party boss (aka BN President in this case).

So if Opposition leader put in 'no confidence vote', parliamentarians should be given chance to ask their constituents. After all they are the representative of their constituents.

Why, are they afraid of being kicked out of BN? Or disciplined by BN? They are 'wakil rakyat' NOT 'wakil Abdullah Badawi' and this country of ours is a democracy and NOT dictatorship like Iraq under Saddam.

All these bickering and infighting within UMNO takes your mind off the real issue at hand. THE ECONOMY STUPID. Has anything been done to the unemployment, inflation and the stagnant economy lately? The rest of the world are worrying about the R word, RECESSION. Just because we are net exporter of crude oil doesnt mean that we are immune to USA recession.
If this is prolonged for extended time, we the rakyat would be the real loser.

Malaysia need a new leader, any leader. Even Mahathir knows that, thats why he backed Tengku Razaleigh's call for EGM. All Parliamentarians knows that. Even BN Parliamentarians knows that.

The rakyat has given the message dont they? They vote for anything but BN.

When will these UMNO plutocrats will understand the message, that their time is up?

Pak Lah Please Resign..

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