Monday, March 17, 2008

Dear PM, Its Time to Exit Gracefully III (b4 its 2 late)

Heck, the call for PM to resign is louder and numerous these days. As in English, saying, when the hound dogs smell the blood, their baying gets louder and more strident. (No pun intended)

Not just Mukhriz is calling for PM Abdullah to resign, its seems that Mukhriz is gaining a following from many other UMNO leaders around the country.

And what is this report saying that he will be disciplined by UMNO top brass? Is there no room for dissent and disagreement in UMNO? True to its form, UMNO is a feudal thinking, feudal acting organisation. Heck, this sounds like 15 century Tanah Melayu, when the Malay Sultans had the absolute power. This reminds me of that boring and flowery Hang Tuah movie whereby Hang Tuah (M. Nasir) couldnt marry his lover (Tiara Jaquelina) because the Sultan forbids!

Is PM Abdullah the 'sultan' of UMNO is he?

Here is the link to Malaysiakini report saying PM Abdullah's days are numbered.

Hey look here another report in Malaysiakini saying Tengku Razaleigh calling for EGM to discuss 'certain thing'.

Doesnt that sound like a CHECKMATE?

All this before PM Abdullah even announce the line up of his new cabinet and the first session of Parliament.

If the Opposition Parliamentarians want to get rid of PM Abdullah, (now that the Opposition has 82 seat, and denied BN 2/3 majority) they could simply start a 'no confidence vote' in Parliament. If Opposition get support from some BN Parliamentarian, PM Abdullah could be unseated, (a mild term) pronto.

But if Opposition is smart, its better for Opposition to have weak PM than strong pragmatic one. So the the next PRU13, Opposition would have a better chance of forming the Government.

For the sake of Malaysia, its better to have a strong pragmatic and forward looking leader than a weakling. Yes PM position is untenable.


Death Note said...

More complicated dilemmas after the general erection it seems.

Though it is fun seeing UMNO cannibalising each other -- the fact is that they are still the ruling gamen.

If Pak Lah follow the calls to "Pack Lah!", the problem still doesn't end there. There's no good person in UMNO to replace him (yeah, unfortunately current reality dictates that the PM will still be UMNO top ... warlord).
Not Najis Altantuya, Not Keris, Not Ku Li (too old, and also record of racist)...

The better.. or less bad people are Sharir, or Zaid. But they don't even have DPM experience... and are not high profile ones in UMNO. The only one left I can think of is Musa Hitam. Not sure of his dirty records. Hopefully everything turns out better for this country after a good start in the election results.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When the head is not straight
The tail will be crooked
When the head is not strict
The tail will be cooked

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 170308
Mon. 17th March 2008.