Thursday, April 03, 2008

Akan Bengkapkah Malaysia Jika BN Tumbang?

I am reading this article by Raja Petra in


The prospect seems real. Its true that multinational corporations transfers money from one country to another under the guise of import export and capital investment. Profit and loss can also be transferred from one country to another, they simply do the simple trick of under invoicing and over invoicing. Who is going to question them? As long as the figures makes sense and not too big that it would arouse suspicions.

Maybank investment in Indonesia buying a bank could one of this thing, ie the powerful UMNO scion transferring their assets to a safer place.

Who owns Maybank? Malaysians supposedly, but who control Maybank? Raise these questions to every other GLC and you will make every one confused.

Wind back time 10 years, when the late Suharto fall from power. I read somewhere some time back that the CIA was monitoring a huge transfer of money out of Indonesia around that time, around USD9billion. Small wonder IDR rupiah fall like stone.

Same story with Daim Zainuddin. He has reportedly transferred over RM20billion out of the country. Small wonder we Malaysians were struggling for years since the economic slowdown 1997.

Even if BN hold us to ransom, ie " Vote us back to govern OR we will take all our money out" that shouldnt stop us from voting them out.
Enough is enough. This plundering of the country's wealth must stop.

Sure we could do the Marcos thing, but proving and getting back the nation's wealth is difficult. We cant prove it.

Our fault for voting these people in the first place.

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