Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teganu Oil Royalty: Whose Decision?

Since Ahmad Said goes public asking for the Terengganu oil royalty money, the topic has become hotter. Here is PM Abdullah's reply to a question asked by journalists recently.

We all know most of the money doesnt go to the people of Terengganu, but to the cronies of PM Abdullah, ie Patrick Lim aka Patrick Badawi, sons and son inlaw, Idris Jusoh and gangs. You can see the result, Masjid Kristal, Pulau Wan Man, Monsoon Cup etc. What benefit was it for the rakyat?

There he is, telling journalists that "wang ehsan" benefits rakyat of Terengganu.
There he is pooh pooing Ahmad Said and indirectly Sultan Terengganu that the money is for the rakyat.

Ahmad Said himself said, spending 50-60 million ringgit to build road into the jungle is a waste of money, not to mention encouraging plunder of forest timber. Yes I do agree with Ahmad Said.

So PM Abdullah just dismissed off hand Ahmad Said's request for royalty money. Is that executive decision or cabinet decision? Is it legal?

Go ahead Ahmad Said, take Federal Govt and Abdullah Badawi as well as Mahathir Mohamad to court, because I believe withholding the royalty money was illegal in the first place. Sue them for the total since 2000 till now.

Terengganu people deserve it, its theirs, not Abdullah Badawi and family. The whole of Terengganu, PAS, UMNO and all are placing their hopes on you Ahmad Said.

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