Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lee Kah Choon: Serve the Country and Rakyat, Not Your Political Boss.

I refer to this Malaysiakini report on Lee Kah Choon appointment as InvestPenang chairman.
I like this man for standing up and be counted, and serve the country and rakyat as chaiman of InvestPenang.
As they say Downunder, "Good on you, Mate"

And why would Gerakan chairman would be shocked that Kah Choon accept the job? It would be an honour to serve the country and rakyat.

And what is this, the PM doesnt like people from BN component to serve the country? Lee Kah Choon has been given the job of serving the country, even if under Pakatan Government of Penang.
What difference does it make, he serves the country nonetheless.

Good move for CM Lim Guan Eng, now everyone see that he is doing the best for the state, and appoint whoever is the best for the job, regardless of political leaning.

I dont understand what is wrong with the BN people. They farm lucrative public works to their political backers, cronies with scant regard of their ability to do the job and the most competitive price. And now they want to prevent their BN people from getting jobs in opposition states as well.

Absolute narrowmindedness.

Why dont we give Datuk Lee Kah Choon a chance, instead of "di kenakan tindakan disiplin".

He may not have experience in that field, well if he doesnt perform.. we shall replace him later.


Anonymous said...

Lee Kah Choon is only an ordinary Gerakan member.

So what is the big deal PM.

Are you trying to say that is I am a member of MIC, MCA or UMNO, I cannot be employed by the opposition's company?

As an ordinary member of BN component party, who is going to give a job to feed my family?

Anonymous said...

Hai ... heran juga, seolah-olah dap dah tak ade orang nak majukan negeri?

Kalau dah tak ade pengalaman, pasal apa nak beri juga kerja tu ...

inilah yang mnegherankan ..
cuba minta kerja di kilang mana-mana di malaysia ni .... ada experience tak? kalu tak dak boleh blah ..

jadi pengalaman tak penting ke? kalu dap punya cerita, wah .. yang hebat, yang pandai, yang telus, semua yang bagus-baguslah ...tapi beri jawatan penting kpd orang yg tak dak pengalaman .... cakap tak serupa bikin ke?

nooryahaya said...

dear anon2,
memang dap dah takde org nak majukan negeri. kan ni baru 1st time merintah. patutnya kena iklan kan keje tu kat majalah economist ke, the star ke, surat khabar ke.. baru lah aku dan ko tahu ada keje kosong. alu pun nak apply juga.
takpelah bagi dia chance..
keje dah bagi, tak boleh tarik balik.
tu aku kata kat bawah tu, kalau tak boleh perform, nanti kita bantai pulak lim guan eng..

nooryahaya said...

dear anon2,
why dont you send your CV to lim guan eng, and every new state govt for that matter? you might get lucky. stand up and be counted.