Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dr Wan Azizah, Malaysia's first ethnic Chinese PM

Not that ethnicity matters. Its doesnt, arent we all the same, Malaysians.

WHy doesnt Pak Lah qualify as ethnic Chinese? After all, his grandfather came from Hainan Island in South China? Well, his grandfather married a Malay woman. And Pak Lah cultural affinity is with the Malays, and he has been practising Malay.

Doesnt Kak Wan practise Malay? Culturally, doesnt that enough to qualify as Malay? Yes through and thru. But her parentage are not Malay in any percentage. Her childrens are Malays.

This shows that the Malays are accepting people, accept people from different ethnic stock and accept them as Malays.
How to qualify as Malay? Being Muslim and practise Malay customs and culture. After one generation with one parent being Malay, you are a Malay.

Now back to the main story that Kak Wan will be the first ethnic Chinese PM of Malaysia.

Truth is, Malaysia hasnt had 100% ethnic Malay PM for years, not since the time of the late Tun Abdul Razak. This shows that Malays of Malaysia are happy to be ruled by other ethinicity, as long as they practise Malay culture and custom.
Tun Mahathir father came from Kerala.
Tun Hussein Onn stock came from Turkey
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stock from China.

Of the three main leaders in Pakatan, who do you think would be most acceptable as PM?

Haji Abdul HAdi Awang wouldnt be acceptable to Malaysian Chinese and other non Muslims.
Lim Kit Siang wouldnt be acceptable to the Muslims and the Malays.
And Anwar Ibrahim hasnt got a seat in Parliament yet. So he cant be a PM.

That will only leave Kak Wan...the acceptable choice for PM of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Agreeee!!! She has proven to be strong, persevering, able to withstand great pressure & personal trials, dignified, capable, able to multitask (juggling a political career & raising 6 kids into well adjusted adults under duress is no mean feat), moderate in dress & manner (not a "Mak Datin") & speech, and best of all - she has an unimpeachable reputation (no other high-profile politician has a cleaner image than her, perception is everything!). And she's a woman, a mom, and a "working girl". Go Kak Wan!

. said...

May I know what you think you could gain by playing the race card ???

Can't you treat everyone here, regardless of race, as MALAYSIAN ??

Tell you what, if you wanna play the "Race Thing", I too can play ...

What is a "Malay"? Is there such a thing as a "True Malay" ?

Is Mahathir a "Malay" ?

Is Khairy a "Malay" ?

Is Najib a "Malay" ?

Put a trace on their ancestors and you'd find that NONE OF THE ABOVE can be classified as "True Malay" !!

What you are doing is utterly despicable !!


I feel so sad for Malaysia, for bringing up narrow-minded racists like you.

A Malaysian Malay said...

To me, it is unfortunate, really, unfortunate to have 'Malay' being defined in the Constitution.

To me, a race should not be defined anywhere, more so an important document such as constitution of a country.

Can you find any other race being defined in a constitution?

This defination of Malay really restrict Malay in Malaysia in many ways. To me, without this defination, Malaysia will be a much better place on earth.

nooryahaya said...

dear 'a malaysian malay', tell then, why do you use blogger name with 'malay' on it? doesnt that define your ethnicity? you got confused with ethnicity and race. and then being Malaysian, race carry certain burden, and stereotypes, and how we generalise certain group of people.
ethnicity carry certain genetics DNA. either you have it or you dont.

a malaysian malay said...


You are right, a Malay is still a Malay if you have the DNA. But some of the so-called Malay don't have Malay DNA, and yet he / she is regarded as a Malay by virtue of complying the definition of 'Malay' in the constitution.

So technically, a Chinese can be regarded as a Malay if he / she complied with the definition, even if one doesn't has the DNA.

To me, such definition creates a lot of problems in Malaysia because of its linkage to Islam. Even to 'original Malay' themselves.