Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Kah Choon Saga; Penang Govt Should Advertise the Job First

Its funny seeing the Kah Choon saga has been blown out of proportion. Surely this should give important lesson to Penang Govt of Lim Guan Eng. Hardly a day in the past week passed that snippets of the Kah Choon saga appear in Malaysiakini.

Lesson 1:
Before giving job to anyone, make sure he/she is qualified and be able to do the job. Hey that is basic isnt it? I am not saying Lee Kah Choon is not qualified, after all, qualification doesnt mean anything if he cannot do the job. A candidate may appear unqualified, but if he or she can get the job done, why not.
This bring back the stupid Malaysian attitude of looking at people by his or her qualification and experience. Whereas attitude is much more important.
Even Koh Tsu Koon is questioning Lee Kah Choon's experience and qualification to do the job.

Lesson 2:
Penang Govt should advertise the job first, BEFORE giving the job to anybody. Just giving the job to anyone you know, whether from your camp or opposite camp is NOT RIGHT. It doesnt appear above board.
That way Penang Govt would be able to draw from a pool of qualified candidates, and might be able to get the best person to do the job.

Lesson 3:
Lim Guan Eng SHOULD NOT make the decision to give the job in his capacity as Penang Chief Minister, it SHOULD BE Penang Govt cabinet decision. The appointment of executive should be above board too.
Because the rakyat appoint their representatives (ie Penang ADUN) to govern, hence executive appointment like PDC chairmanship should be drawn from a pool of applicant with the best possible qualification and experience.
So the best way to draw applicant from all over is by advertising the job.

We should demand executive appointments by all State Govt and Federal Govt be more transparent, ie advertised in the main media.lqxi


Get your RESUME or CV ready fellows, because we should demand all jobs should be advertised in mainstream media and publications, NOT farmed out to cronies and sedara mara!


Anonymous said...

my dear - ever heard of that thing called head hunted.

he has to deliver and hence he need people whom he think can help him to deliver.

i am sure LGE knows what he is doing. i trust he has some good advisers with him.

look at his pictures in MSM - he exudes confidence. cf. that to PM need say anymore.

nooryahaya said...

dear anon,
read in old books that old rumah panjang of Sarawak in the old days has a few heads hanging along the veranda. you are not refering to that kind of head hunting are you? with the story developing so far, i am sure Kah Choon would feel the same, head hanging from the roof on somebody's veranda...poor Kah Choon.