Sunday, April 13, 2008

Snowy got hit by a car this morning II.

Here they are pictures of Snowy on a happier days.

Apologies, I had to make more than one entries because I can only upload 5 pictures per entry.
Now continued from previous entry.

So when I got closer to my house, I was certain that it was Snowy lying on the road, injured, got hit by a car. He looked up to me and called out. Honked loudly to get the wife and children attention and tell my wife to ring the vet. They all went out to see the at and bring him in. A couple of minutes passed before she got on and open the phone book for the vet. On a Saturday morning like this, at 715am, it is difficult to find one that is open.
The kids were crying, Melanie picked up Snowy and brought him in, he is still alive, bleeding in the mouth, and loss quite a bit of blood. I told the kids to get in the car, and we waited the few long minutes before my wife get the vet that is open. Its an after hours vet at the corner of Antigua and Disraeli Sts near town. So we all go there as fast as we could. The kids were crying all the way to the vet. And all the way back.

We bring him in, the vet put him on sedative, he is still not stable.
The prognosis: he got broken jaw, no internal bleeding, but has swollen brain.

He still call out to us.from the theatre. The vet still havent operated on him yet, because he is still not stable.

heck this is going to cost a lot of money..

stupid cat, why does he have to cross the road..


Lambert said...

Sorry about Snowy. I hope he recovers quickly. This is a poem I wrote wrt to the complicated relationship a cat may have with a person.

The company I keep

A breath of fresh air came near me
As I sat, tooling with my pen, stumped
Studying my mien, leaping on my knees
Nuzzling my chin, asking for a kiss.

I declined. She reclined.
I resisted. She persisted.

Perhaps when I feel more sociable
Your presence I’d greet.
Still baffled, both wishing to be rapt
I turned to my paper, she coiled at my feet.


It'll be alright, Mate! You'll see.

nooryahaya said...

Thanks for your kind words. I was wondering who you are. Checked your profile, no name nothing.
The Vet bill is already gone thru the roof. $570 for the first 3 days at 24 vet and $300 and counting, thru the roof, at the normal vet.. estimated about $1500. But i cant do anything about it, as a Muslim I cant let the cat suffer and die on the road. That is cruel. Allah will surely punish me for in the Hereafter if I do that. May Allah have mercy on me. Amin.

Lambert said...

Yes, Yahaya. lambert739 is Arba. How are doing, mate?

nooryahaya said...

great thing about blog, you can find old friends. remember your old place at papanui rd? that time when you bought and play with pellet gun and keep shooting at phone book? i pass thru that house everyday.

Lambert said...

Of course I do remember the Papanui Rd. House. So you live a little bit further up from there do you? Lots of fond memories there, too.

I remember the airgun, too. Would be great to have it here - shooting these cicaks off the ceiling.

One of ex-Cantabrian (is that the term now?)- Norshiha,do you remember her? is a lecturer in UiTM. I saw her some time ago.

Am still keeping in touch with Idris (your jr at TIKL) and the wife. Heard about Rosnah and Amin, but really hadn't gotten a chance to meet them yet.

Yes, a blog is a great venue of meeting old acquaintances, You'll never know whom you might run into.

BTW am still searching for one ex-housemate from Papanui Rd. Bahri Zaipaul Johan. Has been MIA since returning to M'sia. Just ondered if you've heard about him.

Regards tothe family. How's Snowy?

nooryahaya said...

Thanks mate. Snowy is okay. out of the vet, now back home. cant close his mouth and keep drooling. can walk around. shall post pics shortly.