Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I wrote this in Malaysiakini

Wrote this last week. Its in Malaysiakini letter section.


Exco should decide on positions, not CM
Noor Yahaya Hamzah | Apr 28, 08 3:26pm
I refer to the Malaysiakini report Penang CM unperturbed by uproar over Lee's appointment.

Its funny seeing how the Lee Kah Choon saga has been blown out of proportion. Surely this should give important lesson for the Penang government of Lim Guan Eng.

Lesson 1: Before giving a job to anyone, make sure he/she is qualified and able to do the job. I am not saying Lee Kah Choon is not qualified but qualifications don’t mean anything if he cannot do the job. On the other hand, a candidate may appear unqualified, but if he or she can get the job done, why not? Attitude is much more important.

Lesson 2: The Penang government should advertise the job first, before giving the job to some one. Just giving the job to anyone you know, whether from your camp or the opposite camp is not right. It doesn’t appear above board.

By advertising the position, the Penang government would be able to draw from a pool of qualified candidates and might be able to get the best person to do the job.

Lesson 3: Lim Guan Eng should not make decisions to give state positions in his capacity as Penang chief minister - it should be a Penang state executive council decision. The appointment of the chosen person should be above board too.

Because the rakyat appoints their representatives (ie, Penang state executive councillors) to govern the state, hence an executive appointment like the PDC chairmanpersonship should rightfully be brought before the state executive council.

We should all demand that executive appointments by all state governments and the federal government be more transparent and be advertised in the media.


hamzah yahya said...

It is infantile to expect the DAP not to be an authoritarian party. Just look at Singapore, where the party originated. The boss is king!

Anonymous said...

Just wonder how transparent the executive appointments in the GLCs and governed companies and corporation.

What is the BN led government has been doing all this while???

Are they transparent???

Do they make sure that they get the qualified people to manage the companies??

Have they advertise for the executive position of GLCs?

Why only Penang?? Why not Kelantan, Selangor ant etc???

nooryahaya said...

dear Hamzah Yahya,
so its our duty to whack them before they make another Singapore. and write and criticize. how come you have the same name as me?

dear anon,
just becoz BN did it, doesnt mena you have to do the same. leadership by example, Penang must give a good example. in penang LGE and state executive council have the chance to do the right thing. dont let this chance slip away.
dont follow BN example, farming plump jobs to cronies.
all Malays in Malaysia are looking at penang's every move. make ONE mistake, DAP will never have a chance to prove that DAP is not just another Chinese chauvinistic party in the next election. DAP is supposed to be a party for ALL Malaysians. But currently most DAP leadership are Chinese save for Karpal. DAP have to learn to court Malay voters and bring in Malay leadership to the top echelons.